Engraving Gallery:   In Progress
Made and Engraved by Steve J. Lindsay

This is a Lindsay made knife currently being engraved.  This is a screw together design.  The overall design is similar to Lindsay model 318 "Michael  Price profile" and #001 folders but is larger.  The mechanics of the lock and screw together design are different than the other two.  The only current photos are below showing the engraving of the butt of the knife.  The inlay handle material is 24k gold sheet and will be bright cut with a design.  When the edges of a piece are engraved, Steve will first engrave and finish the edges before beginning the engraving on the sides.  Note the picture on the right does not have black in the cuts yet.

lindsay07 in progress copya.jpg (61970 bytes)lindsay06 in progress copya.jpg (48943 bytes)

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