Engraving Gallery Lindsay-Lindsay #2
Engraved by Steve J. Lindsay

The Lindsay-Lindsay #2 is made like a fine watch by Steve's father, Frank Lindsay, who has been a recognized watch maker, goldsmith and gemologist for 40 years.  This folder is made like an elegant watch with screws, wedges, and taper pins.

There are twenty-eight diamonds in the 18k gold inlay handle and one in the blade.   They are .01 carat full cut stones and as close to D flawless as obtainable with ideal proportions and matched to within .02 mm.  There are 272 24k gold inlays in the engraving.  They make up the gold scroll design that you see.  The engraved design encompassing the diamonds is bright cut, as are the 100 lines per inch checkering in the background surrounding the design.  The graver was kept to an extreme polish to accomplish the bright cutting, as it seemed the most appropriate match to the diamonds.  Like the other Lindsay-Lindsay this one is also engraved on the inside surfaces.  Replacment Price: $85,000

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Above photo of the engraving on the butt of the knife.

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