Engraving Gallery Lindsay-Lindsay #4
Engraved by Steve J. Lindsay

This Lindsay-Lindsay #4 Golden Retriever knife was nine months in the making and engraving.  The piece was made by Frank Lindsay and engraved by Steve Lindsay.  The knife contains 121 separate parts.   There are thirty-four diamonds in the 18K gold inlay handle and one in the blade.  They are .01 carat full cut stones and as close to D flawless and ideal proportions as obtainable and matched to within .02 mm.  The blade length is 2 3/8" and the over-all length is 5 1/2". The blade and locking bar are made from ATS 34 stainless.  The blade has a hardness of 59 Rockwell on the C scale and was triple tempered with one being sub 0 of -100F to impart toughness.  The frame and other parts are made of heat-treated 416 stainless.  The diamond settings are made of 18K wire.  The folder is held together with screws and taper pins.  This design made it possible for the knife to be engraved while apart.  The inside face surfaces of the handle have been finished to the same extent as the outside and have also been engraved.  The center 18K gold interframe was bright cut engraved.  The graver was kept polished to an extreme to accomplish this.   The golden retrievers and parts of the flowing scroll design are inlaid in 24k gold.  Replacment Price: $85,000

lindsay-lindsay05 copy.jpg (88169 bytes)
lindsay-lindsay06b copy.jpg (69951 bytes)
lindsay-lindsay04 copy.jpg (49655 bytes)
Above is a photo of the knife taken apart reveling the engraving inside
lindsay-lindsay07b copy.jpg (55722 bytes)lindsay-lindsay04b copy.jpg (40076 bytes)
Left photo: 30x magafication of the engraving around the diamonds.  Right photo: 10x of inside engraving.
lindsay-lindsay05b copy.jpg (88173 bytes)

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