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Engraving Gallery: Guns
Hand Engraved by Steve Lindsay

This Model 21 was stocked in exhibition grade English walnut by Al Biesen o Spokan, Washington.  The checkering is full coverage of 28 lines per inch and is beautifully done. The length of pull is 14 1/2", the drop at the comb is 1 1/2" and drop at heel is 2 1/4".  The barrels are 26" and they are choked WS1/WS2.

Note; the black and white close-up photos of the piece are showing grain from the negative that the picture was scanned from.  This grain (gray dots) is not on the metal of the piece but in the film of the black and white close-up photos. 

gun03a copyc1x1.jpg (32731 bytes)

gun03a copyd1x1.jpg (61664 bytes)
gun03a copye1x1.jpg (30486 bytes)

gun03a copyb1x1.jpg (186565 bytes)

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