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Impact control adjustments and technical information about the
Air Chasing Graver .
Hand Engraving Impact Tool for Jewelers, Engravers and Artists


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The Lindsay Air Chasing Graver has several impact adjustments allowing users to vary the impact characteristics. The tools porting may be adjusted to vary the piston's length of stroke and impact frequency. The piston's length of stroke can be adjusted anywhere between 3/8 of an inch or just a few thousands of an inch.

Once the porting is adjusted by the user, the length of stroke varies only slightly throughout air pressure ranges, although piston speed and velocity increase as pressure increases. When the length of stroke is shortened using the porting adjustment, the impact frequency increases. When set to an extremely short stroke, the impacts can increase to 12,600 per minute @ 25 PSI, or to 24,500 @ 50 PSI. Because the stroke adjustment can be made so short (.010" or less in length) the piston gains little velocity resulting in fast, delicate impacts which give the tool very smooth cutting control. This short stroke setting works well for fine line banknote style of engraving. When the foot control is depressed, the tool begins impacting and increasing in speed, but upon release the handpiece idle always returns to approximately 2,520.  Impacts can range from 2,520 to 24,500 per minute, depending on the air pressure and porting set by the user. This porting adjustment is unique to the Lindsay Air Chasing Graver and, together with its small size, gives the jeweler and engraver a great advantage.

depth09 copy1x1.jpg (19207 bytes)
(Above) Maximum engraving depths.  Dime included in photo for size comparison.  Chips from the last two deep cuts are also shown.
Width of cut:
1 psi
5 psi
10 psi
15 psi
20 psi
25 psi
30 psi
35 psi
40 psi
45 psi
50 psi
.063" (1/16")

The Lindsay Air Chasing Graver excels at adjustments for extremely fine microscope engraving.  To demonstrate the other end of the scale, the above mild steel plate was engraved with a serious of cuts to show the maximum power of the Air Chasing Graver. The handpiece porting adjustment was set to the longest stroke. A 3/32" slightly opened up square carbide graver was sharpened with a 45 degree face and 17 degree heel. The air regulator was first set to approximately 1 PSI, the graver was positioned at the start of the cut, and the foot control valve was fully depressed so that the handpiece would receive maximum air pressure. The graver cuts were kept as deep as possible without stalling the cut. The table above shows the results for each cut, with the PSI setting, and the width in inches.   In general the Air Chasing Graver has the power for extremely fine to medium depth engraving.  If more power is required, the Omega AirGraver may be a better choice of tools.

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