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Computer Videos of the Lindsay Air Chasing Graver
Hand Engraving Impact Tool for Jewelers, Engravers and Artists

View additional engraving videos at: EngravingSchool.com

Two videos for computer viewing are available. One demonstrates the fine engraving capabilities of the Air Chasing Graver by showing a very small die being engraved in banknote style. The other video illustrates power and control during deep engraving by demonstrating intertwined initials being bright cut onto a cylinder. You may also view still images from the videos.

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1st Video: Shading a die smaller than a dime.           2nd Video: Deep bright cut engraving.

The (toolsteeldie.rm) videos below show the engraving of a die used to reproduce the inset engraving in the butt of the Air Chasing Graver.  The diameter of the design is only 5/8".  The video was taken through a microscope at approximately 25x magnification and during the process of cutting fine parallel lines for shading of the engraving.  The shading cuts in this engraving are small.  The distance from one shading cut to the next is approximately 002" to .004".   Depth of cut varies from 0" to .002".  The engraving was executed this small and precise to show the fine impact control of the Air Chasing Graver.   Each Air Chasing Graver features this engraved butt inset and it can be used as a learning example for beginners or advanced users. O1 tool steel was used in the engraved die.

The videos require  RealPlayer.  Look for the free player at the bottom of the RealPlayer page link. (bottom left hand corner and is titled "RealPlayer 8 Basic is our free player") After 'RealPlayer' is installed, click on one of the videos below and it will begin downloading and playing. Depending on your internet connection, the video may play very slowly. Alternatively, you may right click on the video links and choose "save as" to save the file to your hard disk. After a file has finished downloading, locate it on your hard disk and double click on it. The video will play at normal speed this way. The videos are large and may take up to 15 minutes to download depending on the internet connection.

Computer Hand Engraving Videos
Fine Shading
1.3 meg
.9 meg
2 meg
1.9 meg

   Bright Cut engraving
   brightcut01.rm 1.3 meg
   brightcut02.rm 1 meg
   brightcut03.rm 1.2 meg

View still images of the above videos

View additional engraving videos at: EngravingSchool.com

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