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Handpiece Tubing Attachment Options For the Air Chasing Graver
Hand Engraving Impact Tool for Jewelers, Engravers and Artists


The Air Chasing Graver not only has various impact adjustments but also has three positions for the user to choose for the tubing attachment. The attachment choices are left rear, right rear or to the front center of the handpiece body. 

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(Above) Illustrates the 3 intake ports.    (Below) Illustrations showing how the tool is held with the three options.

hoseleftup copya1x1.jpg (12146 bytes)hoseleftdown copya1x1.jpg (11884 bytes)
(Above)  Tubing attached to the left rear of the handpiece. The tubing is shown going over the wrist. It does not need to go over the wrist in this manner but it will help to keep the tubing out of the swing of the vise.
hoserightup copya1x1.jpg (10776 bytes)hoserightdown copya1x1.jpg (10637 bytes)
(Above)  Tubing is attached to the right rear.  In this position the tubing is run between the ring and pinky fingers.  This position is quite comfortable.
hosecenterup copya1x1.jpg (10839 bytes)hosecenterdown copya1x1.jpg (11843 bytes)
(Above) The tubing is attached to the front center portion of the handpiece.  In this position the tubing runs between the thumb and index finger and over the wrist.  This position will keep the tubing out of the swing of the vise and work.

The tubing connecting the Air Chasing Graver measures just over 1/8" in diameter.  This tubing combines suppleness and flexibility with a wide range of chemical resistance.  It is resistant to sunlight (ultraviolet light), ozone and weathering. 

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